Therapy and self-development:

I am a specialist in clinical psychology. I have worked with people for 40 years, using different forms of therapy such as counselling, body therapy, energy work, meditation, dream interpretation and mindfulness. I am also a Somatic Experiencing practitioner, (a Peter Levine method to heal trauma). I have been a student of the spiritual healer Bob Moore for 22 years and I have studied dreams with dr. phil Jes Bertelsen, with whom I also learn dzogchen meditation. Some years ago I published the book “Dreams and Self-development”, which is to be bought from me or at Amazon, also as e-book. To me crises and emotional problem can open the process of transformation and growth. Depending on the situation of the client I use different methods to heal the problems and wounds. I am not connected to any religious movement, but see the spiritual or existential aspect of life as an extra fulfilment in personal growth. I work with individuals and groups.